PokeGO ++ closes after receiving a lawsuit from Niantic

Niantic has sued Global ++, a group of developers and hackers that offered iOS users modified versions of different games (including Pokémon GO) with which to cheat how to alter the location.

PokeGO ++ closes after receiving a lawsuit from Niantic
PokeGO ++ closes after receiving a lawsuit from Niantic.

Global ++ argued that the applications only had "tweaks" (a kind of improvements that can be enjoyed by iOS devices that have been jailbroken but also obtainable with other methods). Niantic, meanwhile, understands that all this is due to a reverse engineering job and considers it, directly, hacking. Also, they maintain that what they allow to make these applications goes against the Terms of Use of the company.

In addition to two of the leading developers, the lawsuit affects 20 different people, who have not been identified. The lawsuit alleges that "among other things, the defendants have undermined the integrity of the gaming experience for legitimate players, decreasing their enthusiasm for Niantic games and, in some cases, leading them to stop playing. The defendants, furthermore, have damaged Niantic's reputation, its excellent work and have interfered in its business model ".

Given this, the PokeGO ++ team has taken a series of measures, among which are closing both its website and its Discord server. In the latter, they have also announced a cessation of service.

Although the truth is that this type of applications (and the traps used) have been harming the community for a long time.

The trigger for Niantic to make the decision to sue could have been that the Global + group had already announced a version of the new game of Harry Potter for which Niantic has made, in his own words.

A significant investment both in terms of work/time and at the economic level.
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