Only "months away" drone delivery, Amazon says.

The e-commerce giant Amazon has just unveiled its new design for the "postman dragon" Amazon Prime Air. The craft has six rotors, can take off like a helicopter and fly just like a plane.

Only "months away" drone delivery, Amazon says.
Only "months away" drone delivery, Amazon says.

According to the company, the drone has a range of 24 kilometers and can deliver packages of just over two kilograms - and they expect to get started with actual deliveries within a few months.

Compared to the earliest drones, the new version should primarily have a greater focus on safety. The first screen around the craft acts both as a fuse against the rotor and as a wing when the drone flies.

It should also be more stable and efficient than previous editions.

Finding the landing site with a "stereo view."

Of course, the new version of Amazon Prime Air has cameras, sensors, and learning algorithms that will enable it to detect objects along the way - whether it be a chimney or other flying object.

With the cameras providing the "stereo view" it should be possible for the drone to find a suitable landing site free of people and animals.

It should also be smart enough not to fly into obstacles such as power or telephone lines, drying racks, and other things that you often have on or over the site.

The drone should be able to detect such obstacles herself and avoid these both on the way down and on the way up again.

Year-old dream
First and foremost, delivery via drone will be delightful for the customers. With a department store nearby, you can in theory order something from the wheelchair and have the item in your hand a few tens of minutes later - and all without moving beyond the garden.

Amazon has raved about the ability to deliver goods via drone for years. Already back in 2013, Prime Air was a big project. Then Amazon boss Bezos believed that the service could be a reality within four to five years.

Now it has been a little longer, but the company's plans are as clear as they were just over five years ago. And although the design of the drone itself has changed several times, the name is the same.

However, whether or not Amazon Prime Air is going to take off during the year remains to be seen.

Amazon is not the first or only one to dream of air delivery. In parts of Reykjavik you can, for example, get your food with a drone - as long as it does not rain, snow or is too windy.