Impressive game selection revealed to Sega's retro console.

After Nintendo experienced mega-success with the retro consoles NES Classic and SNES Classic, several manufacturers raised the retro wave. Sony went on a real stomach splash with his Playstation Classic and the little Commodore "C64" might not be as hopeful. However, Sega, known for many through the Sonic games, reported early on that they would also take the retro market with their Mega Drive Mini.

Impressive game selection revealed to Sega's retro console.
Impressive game selection revealed to Sega's retro console.

After much trouble with the development, which was outsourced to the third-party manufacturer AtGames, Sega decided earlier this year to take over the control levers themselves. Now it seems that the event is well-informed because Sega has just confirmed all 42 games to the console that will be launched in Norway on September 19th. Then it has been almost 30 years since the original saw the light of day here on domestic funnels in 1990 - two years after its launch in Japan.

Get 42 games - with the two original Sonic in the lead.

Sega has thus announced all 42 games that come pre-installed on the console.

Among the highlights are the two first Sonic games, Street Fighter 2, Altered Beast, Contra, Castlevania, Earthworm Jim, Golden Ax, and Ecco the Dolphin.

Titles that can surely give many the right nostalgic feelings. Especially if it is almost 30 years since you heard the soundtracks or saw their beautiful pixel graphics last.

Comes under the 1000-note in store

The Sega Mega Drive Mini costs about NOK 900. Then you get the console itself with two hand controllers, an HDMI cable and power adapter. Some stores have already started pre-sale of the console.

Note that you must not confuse this new retro console with the "Sega Mega Drive Classic" or "Mega Drive Genesis Flashback" from AtGames. These have not Sega developed themselves, and neither console nor controllers are absolutely right to the original design. They have also received miserable reviews from anyone who has tried them.

We hope Sega delivers better, though.
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